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The Workforce Planning and Assurance Team are a small, yet diverse team of four who provide a variety of services across the Trust. Our services include; the Apprenticeship and Career Development Programmes, the Work Experience and Volunteering Programmes and Workforce Information and Assurance reporting.

The five main areas we cover are:

- Apprenticeships

- Volunteering

- Career Development (for staff)

- Work Experience

- Workforce Information

As a team we offer advice and support to senior managers and teams on how to access monthly workforce data and information by using simple step by step guides. This can include face to face training and over-the-phone advice. We promote the benefits of Apprenticeships and other work-related learning opportunities within our services. We work closely with; other NHS organisations, Schools, Universities and other education providers and attend regular career conventions, locally and regionally, to promote NHS careers. One of our key objectives is to work closely with Career Advisers, Schools, Parents and Students to show them the variety of roles that are available in our own Trust and the NHS as a whole.



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